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10 things communities should know about REDD

The main goal of this booklet is to inform communities about the serious problems that a REDD project can cause for the people involved.

WRM has visited a number of these communities over the past few years. All of them, without exception, have a lot to say about REDD. This is what motivated us to produce this booklet: to share their experiences with other communities who also run the risk of being affected by a REDD project WRM thinks that the exchange of information is extremely important, so that communities can learn more about the potential impacts of REDD projects from others who are already suffering them, before they decide whether or not they want to accept one of these projects.

We hope you will find this booklet useful and informative.
The WRM team

Dowload the document in pdf formt here: 10 Things Communities Should Know About REDD

You can download here a pdf  specially designed to be  printed in A4 paper with a home printer.

Also available in Bahasa, Swahili and Lingala


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