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International Day of Struggle against Monoculture Tree Plantations – BANNER

Posted on Sep 17, 2010

For local peoples, tree plantations ar jails.  September 21st,  International Day of Struggle against Monoculture Tree...

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Industrial oil palm plantations are not and can never be “sustainable”

Posted on Sep 1, 2010

Letter from organizations to the World Bank on September 21, 2010. International Day on Monoculture Tree Plantations. In May, 2010 the...

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The World Bank must stop the promotion of industrial oil palm plantations – BANNER

Posted on Sep 17, 2009

Industrial oil palm plantations are a major cause of deforestation, destroy local communities livelihoods and and accelerates climate...

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Plantations are not forests – Images to share

Posted on Sep 18, 2008

These are some images that have been shared by our friends around the world. Send us...

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