World Rainforest Movement

Say no to corporate power grab: Reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Posted on Dec 23, 2013

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a highly secretive and expansive free trade agreement between the United States and twelve Pacific...

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Aotearoa / New Zealand

Posted on Oct 25, 2012

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Short animation – Let’s define forests by their true meaning

Posted on Feb 16, 2011

Also available in: Afrikaans, Aymara, Catala, Chinese, Dutch, Finish, German, Bosnian, Italian, Maori, Mapuche, Maya Kaqchikel, Maya...

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New Zealand – WRM information sheet on GE tree research

Posted on Aug 1, 2008

 WRM information sheets on GE tree research First posted: 1 August 2008 Updated: 15 August 2008 Updated 7 August 2009 Last update  August...

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Aotearoa/New Zealand: Scion’s GE trees cut down!

Posted on Jan 3, 2008

Since 2003, New Zealand’s Scion has been carrying out a field trial planting of genetically engineered (GE) Radiata pine and Norway...

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Aotearoa: Underlying Causes of Deforestation analysed at Indigenous Peoples Workshop

Posted on Sep 12, 2002

The weekend of the 21st and 22nd of September PIPEC (Pacific Indigenous People’s Environment Coalition) held a workshop on the Underlying...

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Aotearoa/New Zealand: Carter Holt Harvey the worst transnational corporation

Posted on May 14, 2002

In April, the fifth edition of the Roger Award took place. This prize is given to the worst transnational corporation operating in...

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Aotearoa/New Zealand: Meeting the CBD obligations and the need for a definition of what is not a forest

Posted on Apr 15, 2002

In all of the debate over what is (or is not) a forest, the issue of an individual country’s commitment to the Convention on Biological...

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Status of Implementation of Forest-Related Clauses in the CBD: An Independent Review & Recommendations for Action

Posted on Mar 18, 2002

Commissioned by the Global Forest Coalition This report is based on 21 country case studies, including Australia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada,...

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Aotearoa/New Zealand: Logging company’s dirty tricks revealed

Posted on Nov 16, 2000

The recent publication in the USA of a book, detailing a conspiracy between government, industry, and various public relations firms to...

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Aotearoa/New Zealand: Opposition to genetically engineered trees

Posted on Oct 16, 2000

While genetic engineering applied to food production is provoking concern among consumers and citizens and many scientists express their...

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New Zealand: Environmentalists victory save precious forests

Posted on Jun 18, 2000

A 30-year campaign led by environmentalist organizations in New Zealand (see WRM Bulletin 30) has at last reached its goal, since the new...

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Innovative plantation initiative in Aotearoa-New Zealand

Posted on Apr 18, 2000

The new Government of Aotearoa -a coalition supported by the Greens- has banned the cutting of indigenous beech trees (and soon probably...

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Good news from New Zealand/Aotearoa

Posted on Jan 20, 2000

Environmental NGOs are celebrating the success of the newly elected New Zealand government in forcing the State owned logging company,...

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