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Amazonian and Andean women in the VIII Pan-Amazonian Forum

Posted on Jul 7, 2017

How to make the sustainability of life the center of debate The VIII Pan-Amazonian Forum, held from April 28th to May 1st, 2017 in...

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Posted on Oct 25, 2012

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Guyana: Empowerment of indigenous peoples through participatory mapping

Posted on Sep 7, 2002

Despite decades of lobbying successive governments for full legal recognition of their traditional land rights, the 55-60,000 Amerindians...

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Amazonía: Selva y Bosques diez años después de Río

Posted on Jul 18, 2002

Only available in Spanish Publicación de Censat-Agua Viva en ocasión de la Cumbre Mundial de Johannesburgo. Amazonía: Selva y Bosques...

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Guyana: Transnational mining companies’ impacts on people and the environment

Posted on Feb 13, 2001

Inner land in Guyana consists of a 150 kilometre wide tropical rainforest, mostly untouched. However, the official perception since the...

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Weyerhaeuser’s president promotes plantations in Guyana

Posted on Nov 16, 2000

Dr Conor Wilson Boyd –president of Weyerhaeuser Forestlands International, a company owning a total of 28 million acres of forest in...

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Guyana: Malaysian investment in oil palm plantations

Posted on Jun 18, 2000

Following a recommendation of the Privatisation Unit’s Board, the government of Guyana is considering a proposal under which...

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Undermining the forests. The need to control transnational mining companies: a Canadian case study

Posted on Jan 16, 2000

by Forest Peoples Programme, Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links and the World Rainforest Movement The second in a series of reports on...

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Indigenous peoples fight for territorial rights in Guyana

Posted on Nov 27, 1998

The opening of Guyana to foreign companies from the mid-1980s has caused destruction in the country’s tropical forests -a rare case of...

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New WRM book on Guyana

Posted on Aug 7, 1997

Last week Marcus Colchester was in Guyana presenting his new work “Guyana: Fragile Frontier. Loggers, Miners and Forest...

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