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A grandmother standing up to mining and logging companies in the Solomon Islands

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

When mining and logging companies come to villages asking for resource rights, how can communities make an informed decision without truly...

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Solomon Islands

Posted on Oct 25, 2012

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Eco-forestry: A Ray of Hope in Solomon Islands

Posted on Oct 7, 2002

Solomon Islands in the western Pacific have been ravaged by nearly three years of civil conflict. The economy is in tatters, the main city...

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Solomon Islands: The alternative to large scale operations

Posted on Sep 11, 2001

A new report on the social impacts of development on Solomon Islands’ communities has found village-based enterprises strengthen family...

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Solomon Islands: A sustainable alternative to unsustainable logging

Posted on Dec 13, 2000

The Solomon Islands have been devastated by Australian and Asian logging companies; which have swept through the country’s forests,...

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Solomon Islands: The plunder of paradise by Asian logging companies

Posted on May 18, 2000

On a group of Melanesian islands in the South Pacific, a tragic plunder is taking place. Logging by mainly Malaysian companies has...

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