The Green Invasion

WRM video on the impacts of large scale monoculture tree plantations*

You can watch the video in English, Spanish or Portuguese

Among its many activities, the World Rainforest Movement --an international network of citizens' groups of South and North involved in efforts to defend the world's rainforests-- has launched an international campaign to oppose the spread of large-scale monoculture tree plantations. The WRM had identified such plantations as a cause of deforestation entailing a large number of negative social and environmental impacts. However, this destructive forestry model is being increasingly imposed on southern countries to ensure raw material supply to the mainly northern pulp and paper industry.

More recently, some highly polluting industrialized countries have supported the idea of substantially increasing the plantation areas in the south to act as carbon sinks for their carbon dioxide emissions.

Within that context, the WRM has produced the present video, which reflects local peoples' concerns about large scale tree monocultures and the social and environmental impact they entail. The aim of this video is thus to serve as a major tool for raising awareness about the serious threat of these plantations to forests and forest peoples and to support the worldwide struggle against them.

To request a copy of the video please contact World Rainforest Movement's International Secretariat:


Maldonado 1858
11200 Montevideo - Uruguay
tel: 598 2 413 2989 / fax: 598 2 410 0985

Non profit southern NGOs can ask for a free copy of the video. For other organizations or institutions its cost is U$S 10 (shipment included)

* Produced by Hilary Sandison Producciones



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World Rainforest Movement

Maldonado 1858 - 11200 Montevideo - Uruguay
tel:  598 2 413 2989 / fax: 598 2 410 0985