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Ecuador: Conflict generated between Tagaeri-Taromenane indigenous peoples in isolation and an indigenous Woarani community

The Ecuadorian Amazon is experiencing many incidents of economic, political and socio-cultural conflict. These are mainly related to the opening of roads that, in turn, attract new settlements by outsiders, tourists, unauthorized flights in light aircraft, illegal logging and an increased military presence, among others. The impact of these activities affects populations throughout the Amazon basin. The document “Current Conflict: Attack of indigenous peoples in isolation by the Woarani family in the strictly protected zone [zona intangible] of the Yasuní National Park” analyzes this reality and how a spiral of violence against Amazonian indigenous peoples was generated.

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The letter “On the situation of indigenous peoples in isolation, Tagaeri and Taromenane, in Ecuador” denounces the absent role of the State, expresses proposals and demands solutions to this conflict.
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