World Rainforest Movement

Keeping Land Local: Reclaiming Governance from the Market

Rec_KeepingLandLocalThrough a series of articles, this report, from the organization Focus on the Global South, denounces how land, forests and water are being captured and enclosed for a range of purposes: industrial agriculture, tree plantations, hydropower, extractive industry, tourism, physical infrastructure, real estate development, Special Economic Zones and, quite simply, for financial profit through the construction of new markets. Local populations, for the most part, lose their livelihoods, homes, cultures, identities and access to natural food cupboards; they are forcibly evicted or relocated, and often pushed into precarious, low-paying wage labor. By denouncing these threats to forests as threats to the “global commons,” local governance could be captured by those with no local obligations and accountability, once again robbing local populations of their rights to make collective decisions about the lands and ecosystems that nurture their lives.

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