World Rainforest Movement

Open letter from WRM and other organizations to the Brazilian government regarding the critical situation of indigenous peoples in the state of Acre


After a field visit to an indigenous village in the state of Acre, together with Friends of the Earth Brazil and the Brazilian Network on Multilateral Financial Institutions, WRM and these organizations sent a letter to the Brazilian government calling for the urgent demarcation of the 21 indigenous lands in Acre that are still awaiting this legal recognition. In the letter we recounted our visit to the Jaminawa indigenous community of São Paulino, near Sena Madureira. The 24 families in this community are now confined to only five hectares of their traditional indigenous land. They are intimidated and threatened – verbally and even with gunshots – by invaders from the outside when they attempt to carry out traditional activities like agriculture, hunting and fishing within their own territory, which seriously threatens their food sovereignty. The full text of the letter is available at: (