World Rainforest Movement

Study Links Eucalyptus Monoculture to Water Scarcity in Minas, Brazil

Almost five decades after their planting began, eucalyptus plantations have become the main cause of the deterioration of water resources in the semi-arid region of Minas, says technician Walter Viana, head of Environmental Monitoring at the Northern Minas Environment and Sustainable Development Commission, and author of a thesis on desertification in the region. As a measure to combat the water shortage that the growth of eucalyptus causes, environmentalists defend the prohibition on new plantings in the region. Read the article (in Portuguese) here:,919749/estudo-liga-monocultura-de-eucalipto-a-falta-d-agua-no-semiarido- em-mg.shtml

See also WRM’s report, “The Impacts of Industrial Tree Plantations on Water” in Portuguese and Spanish.