World Rainforest Movement

The donation farce during the battle against Covid-19 in Brazil

A network of civil society organizations and social movements launched a letter to expose how big companies (agribusiness, industrial tree plantation, oil and mining sectors) take advantage of this time of crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic to strengthen the image of their brands by making donations to vulnerable populations. Meanwhile, they continue operating in the midst of the pandemic. The letter also highlights the role played by social movements and NGOs that, without receiving the same prominent visibility in the media, do provide support to populations in need in urban and rural areas by donating food and cleaning materials and creating networks of solidarity throughout the country.
Organizations from Brazil and also from other countries are invited to sign-on this letter -until September 21st- to support these groups resistance against the impacts of corporations in their territories. You can read the full letter and sign here
A webinar was also organized by this network to expose the topic of false solutions and corporate capture. Community leaders from different parts of the country also shared their experiencies about the impacts of these companies in their territories. You can watch the video (in Portuguese) here