World Rainforest Movement

Uruguay: The fraudulent campaign of the Finnish multinational UPM is unmasked

Social organizations from Uruguay, Finland and other countries, together with well-known professionals, presented the results of scientific research carried out over the past 15 years on the impacts of monoculture tree plantations on grasslands, refuting the “green washing” of UPM company, which presents itself as a leading global corporation in the fight against climate change, the defense of biodiversity and the sustainable water management.
The main business of the Finnish multinational is the production of cellulose from its eucalyptus plantations, which replace the prairie ecosystem with industrial monocultures of exotic trees. In addition to the displacement of rural populations, these plantations affect local productions (food sovereignty), soil (acidification and loss of organic matter and minerals, among others) and water (scarcity in areas adjacent to plantations and pollution due to the use of pesticides).
Read -and adhere to- the open letter that is being presented to different authorities of Uruguayan and Finnish governments as well as to United Nations agencies, where the UPM fraudulent campaign is denounced.