World Rainforest Movement

Books received

International Alliance of Indigenous-Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forest & International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA), Indigenous Peoples, Forest and Biodiversity, London, Eks-Skolen Trykkeri, ISSN 1024-0217. The book brings together the main statements and interventions made by the Alliance at various international fora from 1992 to 1996, expressing their concerns and proposals. Those interested in receiving it can contact the Alliance or IWGIA.

Hagemann Helmut, Bancos, Incendiarios e Florestas Tropicais. O papel da Cooperacao para o Desenvolvimento na destrucao das florestas tropicais brasileiras, Rio de Janeiro, FASE, IBASE & ISA, 1996. This research work of H.Hagemann -from Urgewald, Germany- analyses critically different projects financed by multilateral credit banks in the Brazilian territory. The book offers abundant information on the negative effects of such type of projects and presents alternatives for the effective protection of the Brazilian tropical forests. It is written in Portuguese. For more information please contact FASE, IBASE or Instituto Socioambiental.