World Rainforest Movement

From “Global Response”

We have received a message from “Global Response”, expressing the willingness of this organization to collaborate with WRM in areas of common interest. What follows is part of its letter of presentation:

“Would you like to offer your support to communities around the world that are struggling to prevent environmental destruction of many kinds?

Would you like to give children and teenagers a chance to work collaboratively with people of different countries and cultures, to protect the Earth?

Do you want to hold corporations and governments accountable for environmental destruction and human rights abuses?

If so, you may want to join Global Response and encourage children and teachers to join, as well.

Global Response (GR) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1990, for the purpose of generating public awareness and public pressure in support of people everywhere on the planet who are struggling to prevent environmental destruction.

In collaboration with grassroots organizations and indigenous people around the world, Global Response launches international campaigns to help these local groups prevent environmental destruction and environmental injustice. At the request of local groups, Global Response gathers information about an impending environmental crisis, informs its international membership/network about these issues, and organizes public pressure campaigns to persuade corporate and governmental officials to make environmentally sound decisions. Global Response campaigns strengthen the capacity of grassroots organizations and indigenous peoples to successfully protect their environment and defend traditional, sustainable economies.

Global Response is a major contributor to victories for the environment and for indigenous peoples on every continent. This year Global Response campaigns have already helped Mayangna and Miskito peoples persuade Nicaragua’s president to cancel multinational logging concessions in the largest rainforest north of the Amazon.

Successful letter campaigns like this one strengthen the credibility of grassroots environmental organizations and their capacity to resist the abuses of the global economy. Recent Global Response campaigns supported people in Turkey and India who are fighting against multinational mining companies and port construction in order to maintain traditional sustainable lifestyles. They also helped Mayas in Belize and campesinos in Ecuador fight against multinational logging and mining companies to preserve rainforest and cloud forest ecosystems.

For more information please contact: Paula Palmer, Executive Director Global Response, PO Box 7490 Boulder.