World Rainforest Movement

Greenpeace’s virtual boat tour in Canada’s rainforests

Greenpeace has launched a virtual boat tour of Canada’s endangered temperate rainforest. The site is intended to acquaint web surfers with this remote ancient forest and the impending threats it faces from clearcut logging.

The 52 foot sailing yacht, the ‘Freedom Dancer’, will act as the cyberspace base for transmitting satellite images to the Greenpeace Canada web site. The virtual boat tour will explore the beauty of the rainforest, feature the people and wildlife who live there, and focus attention on the companies currently logging this global treasure –Western Forest Products, International Forest Products and West Fraser Timber.

Along with images, diary entries will be uploaded regularly, so web surfers can see and read about relevant issues. Surfers can also take action by sending an e-mail to the Premier of British Columbia, urging him to protect what remains of this rainforest

Greenpeace websites around the world, including the Greenpeace International website are mirroring the Virtual Boat tour and surfers can send messages to buyers of clearcut rainforest products asking them to reconsider their decision.

The virtual tour will run from September 16th through to October 2nd, but web surfers can continue to log on to the web site for ongoing updates from the Great Bear Rainforest campaign.

Source: Patrick Anderson, Greenpeace International