World Rainforest Movement

International Conference organised by Taiga Rescue Network

Boreal Forests of the World IV: Integrating Cultural Values into Local and Global Forest Protection. Tartu, Estonia 5-10 October 1998

Every two years (since its founding in 1992), Taiga Rescue Network has organised an international conference on boreal forests. This year it will be held in Estonia and will focus on: Integrating Cultural Values in Local and Global Forest Protection.

At the United Nations Conference on the Environment (UNCED, 1992), the Rio Declaration defined five values to be sustained in forests: economic, ecological, social, cultural and spiritual. Up until now most of the debate on forests has been set in terms of the conflict between economic and ecological values. The conference will look more closely at how culture is shaped by the forest and the forests are shaped by our cultures.

Following two days of public meetings and discussion panels, including presentations on the underlying causes of deforestation and forest degradation from Russia, Japan and Northern Europe, NGO representatives will meet to further discuss strategic plans and identify common projects between boreal producer countries and consumer countries.

Everybody from the NGO sector is welcome to attend both the open days and the NGO strategy days.

For more information and registration please contact Taime Puura, Conference Coordinator, Estonian Green Movement, P.O. Box 318, Tartu, EE2400, Estonia.