World Rainforest Movement

Underlying Causes meeting in Bratislava

The WRM international coordinator went to Bratislava, where the Organizing and Steering Committees of the Joint Initiative to Address the Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Forest Degradation met in parallel to the meeting of the Biodiversity Convention’s COP4. Committee members received full reports from the Global Secretariat (integrated by WRM and the Netherlands Committee for IUCN) and from the regional coordinators on the activies carried out until present. A decision was made as respects to moving the date of the Global Workshop in Costa Rica to 18-22 January 1999. A presentation of the initiative was attended by an important number of government delegates, many of which expressed their willingness to participate in the process and/or to support it through different means. For more information on this initiative, please consult the relevant area in our web page (