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Activities in Ecuador on the International Day for the Defence of Mangrove Ecosystems

The Martín Pescador Centre, devoted to the marketing of products and the revaluation of the culture of the ancestral peoples of the mangrove ecosystem, is an initiative of the National Coordinating Committee for the Defence of the Mangrove Ecosystems (C CONDEM), comprising the people’s organizations that make up C CONDEM: grassroots organizations, fronts, federations and unions of communities devoted to artisanal fishing and gathering of products from the mangroves. On the International Day for the Defence of Mangrove Ecosystems, July 26, the Martín Pescador Centre carried out a series of activities including meetings among delegations from different provinces of the country, a meeting with authorities from government ministries and agencies, and cultural activities such as an exhibition of engravings by artist Loli Solis, paying tribute to the mangroves, their people and their culture.See