World Rainforest Movement

Against the corporate capture of Rio+20

In April we shared the call of a number of international civil society organizations and social movements to social organizations to sign on a statement and join the campaign to reclaim the UN as a peoples’ space ( against the “corporate capture” of UN and Rio+20.

More than 335 organizations have united their voices to this call. Outreach continues and certainly this number will continue to grow in the lead up to Rio+20 where the demands contained in the statement will be highlighted.

Now the call has been widened to give individuals the opportunity to show support for the movement to reclaim the United Nations from corporations. Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) has launched an e-action that invites individuals to send a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to urge him to take steps to finally stop corporate capture.

Everyone can help spread the word about this action and put pressure on the UN in order to ensure that our call to resist corporate capture is not left unheard in Rio.

The e-action is available at: