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Brazil: Stop eucalyptus monoculture plantations!

PeABrazil_eucaliptoOn September 21, about 300 indigenous peoples occupied the Nedila property in the municipality of Prado Bahia, Brazil, where the Suzano Company has a eucalyptus monoculture plantation. The main demand of the indigenous peoples is the immediate closure of the plantation, which is already causing great environmental destruction. The plantation is still not fully developed, but it is already showing its harmful effects on humans as well as on fauna and flora. The dams are causing rivers and water sources to dry out, and huge machinery incessantly mows down the Atlantic Forest. About 10 agricultural machines, owned by Suzano, are in the hands of the indigenous peoples in order to give visibility to the movement and ensure effective action of the pertinent bodies

See the Pataxo Indigenous community announcement (in Portuguese) here