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Brazilian Amazon: Military incursion in the territory of the Munduruku people for construction of mega dam

The Eastern Amazon Forum (FAOR) of Brazil issued a public statement in April in support of the Munduruku indigenous people, in response to the recent invasion of their lands in Medio Tapajós, Itaituba.

This indigenous territory is the proposed site for the construction of the Tapajós Hydroelectric Dam Complex, despite the fact that Munduruku community leaders have repeatedly expressed their opposition to these plans. In late March, the federal government launched “Operation Tapajós”, sending in soldiers and armed police to ensure the completion of the studies needed to move ahead with the planned construction of 30 hydropower plants in the Tapajós River basin.

FAOR denounces the failure of the Brazilian government, congress and judiciary to uphold the international agreements it has signed, such as ILO Convention 169, which requires that indigenous peoples be consulted regarding any projects undertaken in their territories. The organization also called for the immediate withdrawal of the federal troops, as well as the suspension of the studies aimed at paving the way for the construction of the mega dam.

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