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Dakar to Tunis: Declaration against water and land grabbing

Pea_Dakar_TunisiaThe Africa Social Forum that took place in Dakar in October 2014 released the Declaration against Water and Land grabbing, which affirms that “land grabbing is always accompanied by water grabbing”. During the World Social Forum in Tunis in March 2015, the dialogue among African groups continued with movements and organizations from all over the world in order to broaden this convergence. The privatization of water utilities and management, the contamination of water brought about by mining, the eviction of communities for dams, the militarization of access to water points, the dispossession of fishermen and shepherds of their livelihoods, and the penalization of water poverty, are some of the instances where water is being grabbed. Groups are calling upon civil society and social movements worldwide to engage in this discussion, to strengthen this declaration and support its demands.

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