World Rainforest Movement

Forest Cover: New newsletter on global forest issues

The Global Forest Coalition is an informal coalition of NGOs and Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations engaged in the global policy debate related to forests, established at the last session of the Intergovernmental Forum on Forests (IFF) in February 2000.

The first issue of “Forest Cover” –the newsletter of the Global Forest Coalition– was published in January 2001. The issue includes the following articles:

– About Forest Cover
– A Dash for Cash, by Miguel Lovera
– Disagreement over Forests Helps Derail Climate Talks, by Ian Fry
– Bonn Meeting Discusses Future of United Nations Forum on Forests, by Tom Griffiths
– Participating or “Enriching of the Discussion”?, by Simone Lovera
– Finally Forests! – the CBD starts work on Forest Biodiversity, by Gudrun Henne
– Report on other Forest-related Meetings
– Calendar of Forest-related Meetings