World Rainforest Movement

Global Biodiversity Forum casts doubts on measures to mitigate climate change

The conclusions of the XI Global Biodiversity Forum, held last November in Buenos Aires -attended by Alvaro Gonzalez of the WRM Secretariat- reveal significant coincidences with some of WRM’s viewpoints. One point in common is that which states that even if the increasing number of multilateral agreements on the environment could mean greater concern on the issue, this could also lead to a fragmented and ineffective approach to reality. On the contrary, a holistic vision is needed, that takes into account natural, social, economic and cultural factors working together. Another important point in common is the one that stresses that “done incorrectly, the forest-based measures to address climate change . . . could result in negative impacts on forests and other natural ecosystems, communities and the climate system.”. This is exactly the case of tree plantations as carbon sinks: while their effectiveness in this respect is doubtful, their negative environmental and social impacts –including impacts on biodiversity- have been proven worldwide. Participants of the Forum underscored that “protecting the ecological integrity of nature and sustaining the societies which are supported by it is vital to addressing the climate change issue”.