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Help Kuy People of Cambodia to Save their forest

In Cambodia, some 200,000 mostly Indigenous Kuy villagers are desperately trying to prevent the destruction of Prey Lang (“Our Forest), the last large primary forest of its kind on the Indochina peninsula. The Cambodian government has issued a patchwork of concessions to road builders, mining companies, and agro-industries. Bulldozers are slashing the forest to build new roads, rubber plantations, and mines.

The Kuy people are desperately trying to persuade the government to stop the destruction and allow them to protect and manage Prey Lang, before it is too late.“Without forest, there is no life. In the Kuy language, Prey Lang means ‘Our Forest.’ This forest is for everyone. Prey Lang is our forest, but it is your forest, too. You can help save it” says Thai Bunleang, Kuy elder, small farmer, and Prey Lang Network activist.

To help them save the forest, visit Cultural Survival website in support of the campaign at