World Rainforest Movement

Images needed

As part of the Plantations Campaign to be launched soon, we have thought that it would be very useful to have a video on the issue. The idea is that the video would be used as an important campaign tool (accompanied by a script translated into English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, which could also be translated into many other local languages). A close friend from an NGO (Hilary Sandison from Imagenes) is willing to seek for funds and to produce a video according to our needs. She has already produced some excellent videos, focused on social and environmental impacts of “development” projects. Due to time and financial constraints, she would only be able to film in a couple of countries (Brazil -eucalyptus- and Chile -pines). However, we feel that the video should contain images and information from different continents, particularly from Africa and Asia. We are therefore asking WRM affiliates and friends if they do have -or know of people having- any professional or home-made videos that could be used as an input for this project. Any news will be welcome.