World Rainforest Movement

Information on general activities

After the launch of the plantations campaign last June (see WRM Bulletin 13), the secretariat has been focusing on:

– preparation of campaign materials.
– information gathering and dissemination
– influencing global processes

As to campaign materials, they are currently being produced in English and will soon be translated into Spanish (some of them already translated), French and Portuguese. These materials are being posted in the WRM web page, where they can be accessed, downloaded, printed and disseminated locally, both in electronic and printed formats.

In relation to information, we are actively establishing new contacts with organizations who are either confronting plantations or concerned about their spreading in new places. Much of the information is being disseminated by the WRM bulletin, which in this issue contains information on plantations (also including oil palm and the paper industry) in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia and Vietnam. We therefore request our readers to supply us with any information considered useful in this respect. All relevant information is at the same time linked to the plantations campaign area of the web page.

As respects influencing global processes, we have produced an analysis of the IPF proposals for action in relation to plantations (see “Comments on the IPF’s proposals for action on tree plantations”), to be distributed during the coming session of the IFF in Geneva later this month.