World Rainforest Movement

Letter from the Collective of Women affected by monoculture oil palm from Gabon to FAO

Within the framework of September 21, International day of Struggle against Monoculture Tree Plantations, women affected by OLAM’s oil palm plantations, during a meeting in the village of Fera, in Gabon, decided to send a letter to FAO denouncing the impacts they are suffering.

The Collective of Women affected by monoculture oil palm tree plantations alert about the impacts of such plantations on food security and food production. The women criticize FAO´s policy in support of the expansion of industrial monocultures of oil palm because it severely affects food security and therefore it is in clear contradiction with FAO´s mandate of combating hunger in the world.

Moreover, the women report in their letter that the forest destruction caused by industrial oil palm plantations affects them and their traditional knowledge about and multiple uses of forests in particular.
Read the full letter here.