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Malaysia: Penan indigenous peoples threatened by logging and mega dam

The native customary land of Penan villagers in Sungai Patah, Baram is now confronted by a double threat coming from the attempt of a logging company to encroach into their communal forest reserve which has been successfully protected since the people’s last blockade in the area in 2008-2009, and the proposed construction of the Baram Dam.
The villagers of Long Daloh and Long Lutin are confronted by the threat of deforestation of their communal forest by logging encroachment. In Long Daloh, the villagers set up a blockade on the road leading towards their communal forest reserve to halt logging activities.

The two villages are also under pressure as a result of the proposed construction of the Baram Dam to which the villagers are opposed since it would entail the flooding of their land.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM)/Friends of the Earth Malaysia urges the state and federal authorities to respect the native customary land rights and improve the welfare of the Penan communities through ways that can actually benefit them prioritizing agricultural assistance and maintenance of roads.

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