World Rainforest Movement

More information on women in WRM’s web site

WRM has a special section on Women, Forests and Plantations in its web site, which can be accessed at

The section includes a report on “The role of the European Union in disempowering women in the South through the conversion of local ecosystems to tree plantations”. The report, released on March 2009, summarizes the results of three workshops on the impacts of plantations on women held in Nigeria (rubber), Papua New Guinea (oil palm) and Brazil (eucalyptus).

The section also contains two publications focused on the impacts of different types of plantations on women: 

– “Women, Communities and Plantations in Ecuador. Testimonials on a socially and environmentally destructive forestry model”. Ivonne Ramos and Nathalia Bonilla, October 2008.

– Women and Eucalyptus. Stories of Life and Resistance. Impacts of eucalyptus monocultures on indigenous and quilombola women in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil.Gilsa Helena Barcellos and Simone Batista Ferreira, November 2007 

Additionally, it includes all the articles published over the years on this issue in the WRM bulletin as well as the book “Women, forests and plantations: The gender Dimension”, published in 2005