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New book on Cambodia


“Chainsaws speak louder than words” is the title of a new briefing document issued by the UK-based NGO Global Witness in May 2000, which studies the situation of the forestry sector in Cambodia. The publication analyses the role of the government, concessionaires and neighbour countries in relation to the forestry reform going on in the country. Detailed information on the illegal activities of concessionaires in the five Military Regions conforming the country is provided. In relation to domestic policy, it states that “the ADB funded concession review has shown that the current state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue . . . It is obvious that the only sensible course in the short-term is to impose a complete moratorium on concession activity”. Regarding neighbour countries, the document highlights log smuggling, of which Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese authorities are at least partially responsible.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of the book please address Global Witness.

“Chainsaw speak louder than words”, Global Witness, London, May 2000.