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New WRM Video section on plantations and pulp mills

WRM has created a new video section in its website. You can find it in the page’s left column or going directly to

Impacts of large scale monoculture tree plantations that we have been documenting for years are described by local people: from the forest destruction caused by oil palm plantations in Indonesia, to the local struggles of Via Campesina women in Brazil against Aracruz Celulose’s pulpwood plantations and of Ecuadorian people against the eucalyptus plantations of Eucapacific, the ecological disaster in Chile resulting from Celco-Arauco pulp mill, the growing problem of timber plantations in South Africa, the potential risks of the projected Finnish Botnia pulp mill in Uruguay.

Testimonies have faces and voices; the landscape left by these “green deserts”, as well as the peoples’ determination speak for themselves.