World Rainforest Movement

News from the International Secretariat

On June 4th the WRM International Secretariat sent a postcard to President Fernando Henrique Cardozo joining a campaign of Brazilian environmental NGOs to protect the Iguazu National Park, that this year is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

A letter dated June 15th was sent to Colombian President Andres Pastrana expressing concern for the recent moves of his government and the Parliament to abolish many of the licenses and impact assessments required for mineral, oil, logging and hydroelectric projects in the country’s rainforests.

Another message to the Brazilian President was sent on June 22nd, asking him to sign the decree that authorizes the creation of the Tucurui Extractive Reserve in Para State (see WRM Bulletin 23)

Supporting an initiative of Friends of the Earth-Bangladesh, on June 26th we addressed President Sahabuddin Ahmed expressing concern for his government’s decision of felling a number of trees at Osmany Udyan Park in Dhaka.

During the past two months we introduced quite a number of changes in the four main areas of the WRM web site, among which:

Tropical Forests: A number of articles, as well as books and papers have been included and can be accessed by region and country. Also available are: Agenda 21: Combating deforestation; the Forests Principles; the IPF Proposals for Action and the Practitioner´s guide to their implementation; briefing on the World Bank’s FPIRS; NGO/IPO statements, etc.

Underlying Causes: Among other useful information, we have included all the available case studies and the final publication of this NGO/IPO-led initiative

Plantations Campaign: As in the case of tropical forests, we have included a number of articles, books and papers, organized under region and country. A new WRM Briefing Paper (Pulpwood plantations: a growing problem) has also been included.

Sarawak Campaign: Apart from the background document on Sarawak, we have included a number of topics researched by Forests Monitor and the complete version of “High Stakes.” We have also made a link to Bruno Manser Fonds web page.