World Rainforest Movement

News from the International Secretariat

On May 6th we sent a fax to Mr. Martín Villa, president of Endesa Spain, expressing our support to the campaign of RIAP (International Network of Support to the Pehuenche People and the Biobio) in their long conflict still pending against the hydroelectric project of Ralco in Chile.

The International Secretariat of the WRM supported the campaign for the conservation of Papua New Guinea’s rainforests by sending faxes dated May 19th to Mr Bill Skate, Prime Minister of that country, and to Senator Robert Hill Australian Minister for Environment and Heritage.

On May 24th we addressed Deputies Paulo Loureiro and José Carlos Gratz, members of the Legislative Assembly of Espirito Santo State, Brazil, expressing our opposition to the inconstitutional Decree 4428/99 that favours further development of plantations to favour Aracruz Celulose.

Ricardo Carrere attended the Intergovernmental Forum on Forests’ third meeting in Geneva (3-12 May 1999), where he also participated in a side event organized by the Joint Initiative to Address the Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Forest Degradation to present the findings of the Global Workshop held in Costa Rica.