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Nigeria: social coalition demands amendment to PIB as a way of restoring transparency and accountability in the petroleum sector

In Nigeria, a coalition of social and environmental justice organisations including Environmental Rights Watch/Friends of the Earth Nigeria, Green Alliance Nigeria, the Host Communities Network of Nigeria, and Students Environmental Assembly Nigeria, have stepped up the pressure on elected politicians to approve an improved, “pro people Petroleum Industry Bill”, PIB2012.

On 25th February 2014 the coalition demanded that the government adopt the “PIB not as it is currently but with an amendment proposed by the civil society coalition.”

The coalition sees the passing of the amended bill as an “opportunity to check corporate rule, total disregard of local livelihoods, and reckless degradation of the environment, violence, corruption and theft which have been the sad hallmarks of the Nigerian petroleum industry.”

For ERA, one of the environmental justice organisations involved in the push for approval of the bill, the passing of the bill is important because “we see some of the provisions of the PIB as a conflict resolution mechanism to the decades of violent conflicts, and the restoration of transparency and accountability in the petroleum sector in Nigeria,” ERA director Godwin Ojo said.