World Rainforest Movement

Petition to support Chinese lawyer imprisoned because of defending communities affected by Stora Enso´s eucalyptus plantations in China

Chinese lawyer Yang Zaixin has been imprisoned in Beihai, Southern China since June 2011. We urge you to support a petition that demands that the Finnish government and company Stora Enso take action to end his unjust imprisonment. Finnish-Swedish company Stora Enso is planning to build massive board and pulp mills in Beihai city in Guangxi, Southern China. The project began in 2002 and has been surrounded by controversy and accusations of misconduct.The tree plantation and pulp mill project has displaced local people of their lands without their free and prior consent. Thousands of people’s access to vital resources such as farmland and water has been restricted. Lawyer Yang Zaixin has been representing local residents and farmers who claim to have been forced or threatened into giving up their lands.

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