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Philippines: Rally to stop Chinese mining in Palawan!

On 10 November, indigenous peoples and farmer communities with people’ s organization ALDAW gathered in Brooke’s Point city, in the island of Palawan, to peacefully demonstrate against the visit of Chinese investors of the Jinchuan Group (JNMC). The Chinese group has already established partnership with MacroAsia Corporation for the exploitation and extraction of nickel.

The mining project encroaches on the ancestral domain of IPs and farmer communities as well as on community conserved areas and would have a serious impact on farmlands, watersheds, primary/secondary forest on which those peoples depend, since time immemorial, for their livelihood and cultural sustenance.

The Palawan Tribes of Brooke’s Point and The ALDAW Network (Ancestral/Land Domain Watch) oppose the partnership between Macroasia and the Chinese Jinchuan Group and call for the immediate cancellation of the Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) of MacroAsia in Brooke’s Point Municipality (Palawan) (read more at

For more information contact the ALDAW Indigenous Network