World Rainforest Movement

Stop GE Trees campaign urged FSC to keep GE trees out!


The WRM has for a long time denounced how the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wrongly certified millions of hectares of monoculture tree plantations, benefiting mainly the interests of the corporations promoting plantations. One of the few aspects that the FSC has not changed yet in favour of corporations is that it does not allow the use of genetically engineered (GE) trees in its certified areas. The FSC has being pushed by its member Suzano, a plantation company owner of biotechnology corporation FuturaGene, developers of GE eucalyptus trees. Members of the international campaign “STOP GE Trees” requested the FSC though an open letter to keep opposing GE trees. During the last FSC General Assembly (7-14 September) GE trees were not approved. Download the letter here:

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