World Rainforest Movement

Support the struggle of the Tupinambá in Bahia, Brazil for the demarcation of their lands and against militarization!

Once again we are calling for your support for the legitimate struggle of the Tupinambá indigenous people of the state of Bahia, Brazil.

Although official studies by FUNAI, the government agency responsible for indigenous affairs, demonstrate that the Tupinambá have traditionally occupied an area spanning 47,000 hectares in the south of Bahia, and therefore have a constitutional right to this territory, the Minister of Justice has still not signed the orders for the demarcation of their land, bowing to pressure from non-indigenous parties who are opposed to the demarcation. To make matters worse, the Brazilian army has now joined the National Public Security Force and the Federal Police in their occupation of the region, in an attempt to intimidate the Tupinambá and force them off their lands.

The conflict has grown increasingly fierce and the non-indigenous parties have unleashed a wave of racism and discrimination against the Tupinambá (see the video at ).

Please show your support for and solidarity with this struggle by urgently sending a letter to the Supreme Court of Brazil (see the model letter at For a better understanding of the situation, we recommend reading the following statement of solidarity with the Tupinambá and small farmers in the region (