World Rainforest Movement

Two new briefings

The WRM has just published two new plantations campaign briefings (“Pulpwood Plantations: a Growing Problem” and “Ten Replies to Ten Lies”) which are available free of charge from the International Secretariat. NGOs, IPOs and community-based organizations can request more than one copy, also free of charge. The first briefing is a summarized version of “Pulping the South” and is also available in Spanish, French and Portuguese. The second briefing counters the 10 main arguments used worldwide by plantations promoters and is also available in Spanish.

The aim of these two briefings is to facilitate understanding of the plantations issue by a wider public and can be used to influence journalists (a press release is included), to organize public discussions, to raise awareness within communities facing this forestry model and for other purposes you may think of. Please get in contact with us to request copies.

The WRM has prepared a number of other materials to serve as tools for the campaign. Some of them are available in printed format, while others can be accessed in our web page. We will continue producing such materials.