World Rainforest Movement

Video: Women raise their voices against tree plantations

If after reading the above articles you (as a woman within an organization, as a member of a women’s movement, as an activist on human rights issues, as an environmentalist, as a journalist, as a member of a consumer’s association, as a campaigner on climate issues, trade issues, health issues, etc) are wondering what you can do to start making changes to the current situation, we have some ideas that we hope may be of use.

For that purpose we have developed an audiovisual tool that show the findings of the case studies summarized in this bulletin and explains the reasons of how and why this is happening. The video is titled “Women raise their voices against tree plantations. Testimonies from Brazil, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea“.

The information presented in the video is complemented with a summary of the full report containing the findings of the workshops. This summary can be accessed at:

There are many things that you can do with these tools. Some suggestions for action are:

– If you are active in an organization you can invite its members to watch and discuss the video
– If your organization have a web site or blog, you can post the video and report
– You can send the materials to your government representatives
– You can organize video sessions with your friends and discuss the findings
– You can simply send it to your friends by email
– You can send it to local, national and international women’s organizations
– You can disseminate it through email lists
– You can show it at your education centers
– You can send it to the local media
– You can translate it into your own language