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Want to know about forestry corporations? Ask Forests Monitor

Forests Monitor is an NGO which aims to provide detailed, accurate information on the corporate structures and environmental and social records of forestry sector companies. This information is intended to be used as a tool by civil society at local, national and international levels to help promote sustainable and equitable use of forest resources.

Apart from this specific corporate information, Forests Monitor also seeks to contribute to international policy debate through presenting research on key global themes, such as institutional investment in unsustainable forestry sector activities; property rights implications of forest use and control; and issues of corporate control in the forestry sector.

Forests Monitor has built up a wealth of experience in researching and investigating specific corporate structures and activities, providing briefings to a growing number of international, national and local NGOs and community groups. Detailed corporate research and analysis form the core of Forests Monitor’s operations, directing four key areas of activity:

– collation of corporate and financial information about companies operating in the forestry sector, including logging concessions, extraction rates and financing, together with their environmental and social records.
– dissemination of this information in a number of appropriate formats to affected NGOs and citizens’ groups.
– production of briefing sheets and reports on forestry companies whose activities are currently environmentally and socially unsustainable for distribution at an international level to NGOs and decision makers in the private and public sectors.
– establishment of the links between institutional investors in the north and deforestation via investment in forestry companies.

Dissemination of information is at the core of Forests Monitor’s work and presentation of data varies according to the audience and use. The aim is to respond to every developing country NGO request for forest sector corporate information and much of the day-to-day work of Forests Monitor involves such research. In addition, this organization produces briefing documents and reports (including Environmental and Social Impact Assessments) on specific companies’ structures and activities. These are used for briefing in-country NGOs and community groups for their campaigning activities (including legal work) and for international lobbying. Forests Monitor has provided information and support to over 40 in-country NGOs and community groups around the world, having visited many of them in the field to discuss how to work together to achieve sustainable use of forest resources.

Local communities, indigenous peoples organizations and NGOs in developing countries can request information free of charge from Forests Monitor regarding forestry companies either operating or planning to operate in their areas or countries. For more information, please contact Stuart Wilson at

Source: Forests Monitor Ltd, 62 Barton Road, Ely, CB7 4HZ, United Kingdom,