World Rainforest Movement

WRM Activities

We received a fax from the former President of the Environment Committee of the Venezuelan Congress, Dr. Lucia Antillano, thanking WRM for its activities in that country. The fax says:

“Having ended my function as a parliamentarian, I wish to acknowledge the support received from WRM in the dissemination of information on issues regarding the rights of indigenous peoples and peasants and the so-called opening processes to the global economy which is being imposed on us and which is environmentally and socially unsustainable. Your personal collaboration and that of WRM have been extremely useful to make the world know about the threats posed by mining in an area classified as holding megabiodiversity such as Imataca or the tragedy of the peasants of Morador and Tierra Buena who are resisting the industrial tree plantation model of the transnational company Smurfit.”

Centro Humboldt from Nicaragua has expressed us its gratitude for the fax we sent them on February 18th supporting the mobilization of the Nicaraguan civil society in defense of the remaining forests, menaced by fires during the incoming dry season in that country.

On January 19th letters were sent to representatives of Boise Cascade expressing our concern for the project “Cascade Chile” for a wood chipping and board facility to be located near Puerto Montt. Several social and environmental Chilean organizations, as well as political sectors and academics are firmly opposing this project, that would be detrimental for the temperate forests of the region.

We sent a fax to Chevron oil company protesting over its actions in Nigeria, which include the intimidation and repression that are being imposed on people from the villages of Opia and Ikian in the Delta State, who oppose Chevrons’ oil prospection project in their lands.