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Brazil: Support the Indigenous Cause of the Guaraní-Kaiowa

The Brazilian organizations Juízes para a Democracia (Judges for Democracy) and CIMI have launched a petition addressed to various Brazilian authorities to demand the urgent demarcation of indigenous lands in the country, particularly in view of the disastrous situation faced by the Guaraní-Kaiowá people in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The Guaraní-Kaiowá who live in the PyleitoKue/Mbarakay territory announced that they would rather die en masse than leave their territory in reponse to an eviction order and threats. They are calling on the Brazilian government and courts to revoke the eviction order and to demarcate their territories. (At you can support their demands)

The petition condemns the delays in Supreme Court processes for the regularization of indigenous lands, which have led to critical situations for indigenous communities.

It also expresses opposition to proposed constitutional amendment PEC 215, which would transfer the authority for demarcation of indigenous lands in Brazil from the executive branch of government to the legislature.

You can sign on to the petition, available in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian, at