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Latin American Network Against Tree Plantations

What is the Latin American Network against Monoculture Tree Plantations?

The Latin American Network Against Tree Plantations (RECOMA) is a decentralized network of Latin American organizations, created in 2003, with the basic objective of coordinating activities to oppose the expansion of large scale monoculture tree plantations on a regional level, be these for the production of timber and pulp, for the production of palm oil or to act as “carbon sinks.” At the same time, RECOMA encourages support to socially and environmentally sound alternatives to these threats, based on community initiatives.

The Network was created during the World Social Forum held in January 2003 by representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.

How does it work?

The Network’s founding organizations have acted as Focal Points in their respective countries from the time it was created. The Network as a whole, at the initiative of its founding members, has chosen Focal Points in the remaining countries, seeking to incorporate all the countries of the region. The choice of such Focal Points was subject to the approval of all the founding members.

Regarding membership, the Network is composed exclusively by one Focal Point per country. On a national level, the Focal Points may seek to incorporate all the organizations interested in this issue, using the mechanisms that best adapt to their situation and needs.

Each Focal Point should carry out a series of functions. Among these, two may be highlighted:

 1) Maintain contact with the rest of the Network

2) Promote the creation of a national (formal or informal) network against plantations.

 The Network also has a general coordination in charge of supporting work on a national level and coordinating actions on a regional and international level.. The Network selected the Secretariat of the World Rainforest Movement, located in Uruguay to carry out this task. .

Both on a national and regional level, as a whole the Network intends to promote the following activities:

– support local struggles against monoculture tree plantations

– support local development alternatives

– create awareness regarding social and environmental impacts of monoculture tree plantations

– disseminate information and analysis

– provide training to the actors involved

– encourage horizontal exchange among countries

– carry out research activities

– disseminate research findings

– organize campaigns on a national level

– coordinate campaigns on a regional level

– coordinate activities with extra-regional organizations

 – encourage substantial changes in national forestry legislation, eliminating from them the promotion of monoculture tree plantations

How to get involved with the Network

Those interested in further information on the Latin American Network against Monoculture Tree Plantations (Red Latinoamericana contra los Monocultivos de Árboles – RECOMA), should contact the focal point in their country or the Network’s Secretariat:

World Rainforest Movement
phone: +598 2605 6943

Focal points:

Amigos de la Tierra Argentina
contact: Emilio Spataro –

FASE-ES (Federação de Orgãos para Assistência Social e Educacional / Espírito Santo)
contact: Beto Loureiro –

OLCA (Observatorio Latinoamericano de Conflictos Ambientales)
contact: Lucio Cuenca –

CENSAT Agua Viva (Centro Nacional Salud Ambiente y Trabajo)
contact: Marcela Gómez –

Costa Rica:
COECOCEIBA (Comunidades Ecológicas la Ceiba)
contact: Mariana Porras –

Acción Ecológica
contact: Nathalia Bonilla –

El Salvador:
CESTA (Centro Salvadoreño de Tecnología Apropiada)
contact: Silvia Quiroa –

Savia, Escuela de Pensamiento Ecologista
contact: Carlos Salvatierra –

OFRANEH (Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña)

Madre Tierra
contact: Juan Almendares –

Otros Mundos / Amigos de la Tierra de México
contact: Gustavo Castro –

Inti Pachamama
contact: Martha Flores –


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