World Rainforest Movement

Plantations, Health and Food Sovereignty

Industrial tree plantations affect severely the food sovereignty and local economies of forest and forest-dependent people. Health of people is also being affected through the loss of biodiversity including plants and animals fundamental for traditional healing practices, as well as the loss of sacred sites destroyed by plantations and the impacts of pesticide use in plantations, contaminating the environment including water sources.


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  • Ninguem come eucalipto. Em Moçambique também não

    Posted on January 11, 2010

    Only available in Portuguese Produzido pelo Movimento Mundial pelas Florestas Tropicais Realizado por Flavio Pazos Voz: Manuela Capurro Música: Ohawha, de Zena Bacar Com base em uma viagem de intercâmbio a Moçambique de dois...

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  • Defend Life!

    Posted on September 11, 2009

    Animation about the differences to local people between a forest and a tree plantation. Produced by the World Rainforest Movement Created by Flavio Pazos If you have troubles watching the video, try using Chrome You can download the...

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