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Women and Plantations

Worldwide, gender relations are unequal in many ways, for example, in the division of work and power between the sexes. Unsurprisingly, industrial tree plantations have different effects on women and men and can reinforce existing inequalities. When areas are deforested or otherwise substituted by industrial tree plantations, the division of labor between women and men generally undergoes severe changes, affecting especially women. The weakening of men´s role in production of food and other products for local and regional uses that is common when local ecosystems are destroyed and large-scale plantations set up has subjected women to rising rates of alcoholism among their partners as well as greater domestic violence and violence and sexual exploitation from outside workers. While for women, a job in the plantation could mean a way to earn a salary and gain autonomy, jobs rarely change existing unequal gender relations and can even aggravate the situation and lives of women.


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