World Rainforest Movement

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Bulletin Issue 10 – March 1998


  • Action for the Tupinikim and Guarani
    Action for the Tupinikim and Guarani

    Responding to a request of our friends of CIMI, the WRM International Secretariat disseminated among WRM members and friends the more recent news about the long struggle of the Tupinikim
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  • From “Global Response”
    From “Global Response”

    We have received a message from “Global Response”, expressing the willingness of this organization to collaborate with WRM in areas of common interest. What follows is part of its letter
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  • Acknowledgement from Brazil
    Acknowledgement from Brazil

    The International Secretariat has received a message from the Brazilian social leaders Wigold Scaeffer and Miriam Prochnow expressing their gratitude for the letter we sent in November 1997 (see Bulletin
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  • WRM on TV on Brazilian Fires
    WRM on TV on Brazilian Fires

    WRM’s international coordinator was invited to present the movement’s views on the recent devastating forest fires in the Amazon (see Brazil) in a Uruguayan television channel. The presentation was viewed
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  • “Pulping the South” published in Spanish
    “Pulping the South” published in Spanish

    The Mexican Action Network against Free Trade (RMALC) has just published the Spanish edition of “Pulping the South: Industrial Tree Plantations and the Global Paper Economy”, under the title “El
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