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Bulletin Issue 11 – April 1998


  • Peoples’ Summit of the Americas
    Peoples’ Summit of the Americas

    Ricardo Carrere was invited to participate in the Environmental Forum of the Peoples’ Summit of the Americas, held in Santiago, Chile from 15 to 18 April. In his presentations he
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  • WRM web page
    WRM web page

    We have recently created the WRM web page as an effort to facilitate the dissemination of the Movement’s viewpoints and relevant information to a wider audience. At the same time,
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  • WRM Bulletin in Spanish
    WRM Bulletin in Spanish

    The tenth issue of our Bulletin has been published in Spanish and distributed to Spanish and Portuguese-speaking people. Future issues of the Bulletin will be published in both languages. We
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  • Paper Forests
    Paper Forests

    The March-April issue of “World Watch” (published by the Worldwatch Institute) includes an article by Ashley Mattoon on pulpwood plantations (“Paper Forests”), which constitutes an important contribution to clarify this
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  • An answer from the Canadian Northern Territories Government
    An answer from the Canadian Northern Territories Government

    We have received a letter signed by Mr. Stephen Kakfwi, Minister of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development of Northern Territories, Canada, as a response to the one sent by WRM
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  • An apology
    An apology

    In WRM Bulletin No. 10 we included the article “Comments on WWF’s ‘Forests for life’ campaign”, as having been produced by Paul Romeijn, Director of Treemail. We have now learned
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