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Bulletin Issue 29 – December 1999


  • The battle of Seattle
    The battle of Seattle

    What happened in Seattle was historical. Regardless of whether the ministerial conference’s failure to reach an agreement was the result of the action of the thousands of people in the
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  • Plantations’ impacts are always social
    Plantations’ impacts are always social

    Impacts of tree monocultures are usually analysed under two broad headings: environmental and social. The former involves impacts on water, soil, biodiversity and landscape, while the latter includes social and
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  • Aracruz: the naked emperor
    Aracruz: the naked emperor

    Because of Aracruz Celulose’s move to apply for FSC certification for its eucalyptus plantations in the state of Bahia -avoiding at the same time the polemic issue of the dispossesion
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  • Networking in action: Australia-Uruguay
    Networking in action: Australia-Uruguay

    Last November we received a message from the Tasmania based NGO Native Forest Network-Southern Hemisphere (NFN), informing that the Australian giant North Ltd. was planning to invest in pulpwood plantations
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  • Call for global moratorium on genetically engineered trees
    Call for global moratorium on genetically engineered trees

    Multinational corporations, with support from some academic institutions and governments, are working hard to create and grow genetically engineered trees. Such development is causing great concern among informed sectors of
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  • Tree plantations and trade
    Tree plantations and trade

    Some of the conclusions and recommendations of the Latin American Workshop on the Impacts of an Eventual Millenium Road of the WTO, held on 6 and 7 November in Quito,
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  • Indigenous Peoples’ Seattle Declaration
    Indigenous Peoples’ Seattle Declaration

    The Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus, convened and sponsored by the Indigenous Environmental Network USA/CANADA, Seventh Generation Fund USA, International Indian Treaty Council, Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism, the Abya Yala Fund,
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  • Dialogue with the World Bank?
    Dialogue with the World Bank?

    The World Bank is currently undertaking its Forest Policy Implementation Review and Strategy Development (FPIRS) and will carry out a number of consultation meetings throughout the world to feed this
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  • Declaration on Andean Ecosystems
    Declaration on Andean Ecosystems

    The 4th National Conference and International Conference on “Paramos” (high plateau grassland ecosystems) and Cloud Andean Forests, which took place in Malaga, Santander, Colombia on November 1999 -including representatives from
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